I see you, you
successful, top of the class, overachiever…

You nailed your degree, jumped into the corporate life in your early 20s and have been working your way up the ladder for years, ticking all the success boxes along the way. Your boss loves you. You’ve been highlighted as one of the ‘high potentials’ by management and your friends, lovingly, name you the ‘career one’.

You’re here to put a mark on the world, you’ve known it since you were little, ever since everyone started telling you how smart you were and how well you’d do in the future.

You know that you’re meant for big things and that you have the potential to do just that.

Work is great and to be honest, on paper, everything is going really well but recently things seem to have lost their shine a bit. You feel like perhaps you got caught up in the whirlwind of success, and are not really sure if you ever ‘chose’ your life, or if it just happened this way. It’s almost as if you’re living as a diluted version of the person you know you can be.

You know there must be more..

You are desperate to be living in a space where it feels like you are consciously choosing your life rather than just following what was laid out for you.

A space where your self deprecating thoughts no longer hold you back from making bold steps you need to take to live the life you want.

A space where you are living with meaning and purpose and are freed from the hamster wheel of city life.

A space where you wake up every day loving who you are and how you are living and have the freedom to make choices to support you.

But something is keeping you stuck..

The thing is though, you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing for so long and it pays well, so you feel like it would be stupid to give that up. Plus, you don’t want to seem like quitter or like you’ve failed if you did decide to make a change.

But then something feels off again and you find yourself googling other jobs or ‘how to deal with imposter syndrome at work’ and fall into a hole of uncertainty again. One minute you feel like maybe you should just stay because everyone feels like this, right? The next, you start worrying that you’re not fulfilling your potential like you were meant to and you should definitely change something. It’s exhausting.

And the worst thing is that you’re starting to recognise that all of this uncertainty is starting to impact your personal life because you’re perpetually worrying about work. You feel like if you carry on this way you’ll either forever regret not making some sort of change or you’ll make some kind of knee jerk decision and regret that.

Rock. Hard place.


Here's the solution..

I spent 9 years (successfully) working in Investment Banking but secretly plagued with imposter syndrome, a perpetual fear of not living up to my potential, a sense that I was meant to be doing something else but, married with a crippling fear of making a mistake (and failing), couldn’t seem to make a change in my life. I was exhausted. I was drained. I was not a huge amount of fun to hang around with and my brain never stopped with it’s constant ‘you’re meant for more’. All in all, it was a painful spot to be in.

It took me about 4 years to finally make a change, I invested in hundreds of courses, mentors, healers and therapists along the way and what I finally learnt, is that it really isn’t as complicated as my brain was telling me.

That’s why I’m now on a mission to save you SO MUCH TIME by sharing the very best of everything I’ve learnt over my many years of self discovery to get your out of uncertainty, stress and overwhelm and into freedom, self-assuredness and peace without even needing to leave your job 😉

Because here’s the secret… it’s never about the job. It’s always our minds and the (sometimes unhelpful) stories they tell us about our lives.

As a holistic transformational coach, I can help you unpick those stories through deep inner work and somatic practices to give you the freedom to live the life you so desperately want to be living.

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