Why we are all struggling so damn much

So I have a hunch about this.  And before I dive in, I’m not talking about people who have clinically diagnosed mental illness. I’m talking about us lay people who potter about life kind of fine but also kind of meh most of the time.  Yeh, maybe you? And definitely me back in the day.  […]


I spent a lot of my life believing that as a woman, I was the inferior sex.  I remember when I started to realise the reality of being female – aged about 6 and doing a running race for sports day.  Beaten by all the boys, even the unsporty one. Easily beaten.  I remember the […]

Can we all just STOP with the positive thinking for a second?

So the other day, I got triggered. I mean, let’s be honest, I get triggered every day but this was a trigger which brought to light something which felt apt and important to share.  I was out hiking with a friend of mine outside of Mexico city and a part of the hike basically involved […]

Transatlantic Ponderings.

There is something ceremonial about a flight, especially a long haul flight. The time to just be. The time without distraction, without internet, without anything to keep me anchored to ‘life’. I’ve often found as I take off to go somewhere new that a sense of peace comes over me, a sense of freedom, a […]

Here’s why family time is, sometimes, so damn hard

For some of us, this period of the year is the most magical time of reconnecting with family, hunkering down with oversized cheese boards and festive films and feeling that deep sense of safety and belonging which may well have been limited for the rest of the year.  For others of us, this period of […]

The letter I wrote to myself the day I resigned

I was looking through the old notes on my phone the other day and came across a scramble of words which I wrote when I was on the tube back from work the day I had spoken to my boss about my decision to leave the industry.  That stream of consciousness, I’m sharing with you […]