The stories we tell ourselves

Humans are just the most gorgeously complex, delicate, wonderful creatures. I’m sitting in a cafe in Marylebone and it’s a gorgeous September Sunday morning — I decided to take my laptop out for a stroll as was feeling inspired and found myself a sufficiently boho chic cafe to ordered my overpriced decaf oat flat white (judge me, […]

Anyone else finding life post lockdown a liiiiittle bit weird?

And just like that my trip in Mexico was over. Gone were the tacos. The insanely spicy chilli sauce which I poured by mistake all over my tacos and nearly died eating. The daily agua de jamaica. The adventures with strangers. The sunrises and the sunsets. Just like that, almost as if no time had […]

Breathing changed me. It can change you too.

About half an hour in, I found myself in the foetal position, sobbing. The facilitator asked my how old I was and my 29 year old self replied… I’m 11. I never went out looking for breathwork. It found me. When it did, my life changed forever and just through.. breathing. About three years ago, […]

The Blame Game

So I don’t like football. Like. At all. To be honest I find it boring and I don’t particularly enjoy the culture associated with it (shoot me). BUT I did find myself watching the Euro final because I’m still enough of a people pleaser to not want to be totally ousted from the conversations that […]

How to deal with “rejection”

That feeling of rejection. The worst right? The stab in the gut. That feeling of utter uselessness. Kind of feels like the world might be crumbling down on you? I feel you. I see you. I’ve had my fair share of what I thought was rejection. In fact, I reckon I spent much of my teens and […]

Why I left my job with nothing to go to. (cont.)

I didn’t know what I wanted to write about today. I just thought I’d start and see what came out. Sitting in a cafe in Oaxaca (I’m testing out nomad work life), rain pouring down and debating how long I’m going to be stuck here or if I just accept my fate of getting soaked […]

That thing that’s keeping us all ‘stuck’

A couple of months ago, I found myself in that icky period of a relationship when you kind of both know it probably can’t go any further but equally don’t really want to accept that or take any kind of step to take action. In my experience, this period of unknown but kind of known […]

Britain: We have a problem

I feel like I may well start sounding like a broken record if I carry on talking like this. That said, I’m willing to take the risk because this shit’s important. Like really important. So buckle up kids, she’s going in for it. WE HAVE TO STOP DISCRIMINATING AGAINST EMOTIONS. Before your mouse moves to […]

Confession: I fell into a COVID hole

Despite having written that post last week about how we all have the choice to choose how we feel, which, I still maintain is 100% accurate; I fell into a corona hole. It was almost as if my mind was like ‘Ha! You think you’re so strong and in control, preaching to the world about […]