Here’s why family time is, sometimes, so damn hard

For some of us, this period of the year is the most magical time of reconnecting with family, hunkering down with oversized cheese boards and festive films and feeling that deep sense of safety and belonging which may well have been limited for the rest of the year.  For others of us, this period of […]

The letter I wrote to myself the day I resigned

I was looking through the old notes on my phone the other day and came across a scramble of words which I wrote when I was on the tube back from work the day I had spoken to my boss about my decision to leave the industry.  That stream of consciousness, I’m sharing with you […]

This is why you panic when you boss asks you for a ‘quick chat’

Not just me? I’m glad to hear it. Well, I’m not because that sucks for you, but I’m glad because it affirms that I’m not alone. Smalls wins.  You’ve just left the office for the day, you’re wandering over to the tube, mindlessly scrolling through work emails because for some annoying reason your body just […]

Controversial opinion: being an overachiever is not a good thing.

Oooof who did I trigger? Anyone get a little pang in the chest? Or a little flip of the stomach? Or just feeling a bit annoyed? Sorry, but equally, not sorry at all. We live in a world which kinda fetishes being an overachiever, let’s be honest.  All praise the people who are the constant […]

Our working world is a little messed up, isn’t it?


A couple of Tuesdays ago, I was feeling particularly tired. Like really tired. It was one of those days when, had I been back in banking, I probably would have made 7 or so trips to the cafe to get coffees and those chocolate covered rice cake things to keep me going.  It was a […]

Who are you? The dangers of identity

It’s interesting how we define ourselves.  A few years ago, if someone had asked me who I was, I would have said: high-achiever, sporty, middle class, academic, Londoner, likes to travel, over-thinker, punchy at times, maybe a bit intimidating to some (or so I’ve been told), perpetually single.  Reading this now, I feel a deep, […]

The stories we tell ourselves

Humans are just the most gorgeously complex, delicate, wonderful creatures. I’m sitting in a cafe in Marylebone and it’s a gorgeous September Sunday morning — I decided to take my laptop out for a stroll as was feeling inspired and found myself a sufficiently boho chic cafe to ordered my overpriced decaf oat flat white (judge me, […]