What’s the best advice you ever got? ‘To have a coach’, Eric Schmidt

You’ve always been successful; you’ve done incredibly well in your career thus far and perhaps you’re a leader, or a leader in the making. But somehow you just feel like you could be more, both professional and personally. You could be doing more. You always thought you were destined for something bigger and better than this, but something seems to hold you back. You also always thought you’d be happier. Maybe you’re suddenly struggling to inspire the team around you or you can’t quite figure out the direction you want to go in.

You feel stuck. Life seems to have lost its glitter and has gone a bit grey. You know there must be something more; there must be some other way of experiencing life – but you don’t know where to start.

I see you. I was you. And I can tell you there is more. There is so much more – it just takes one step forward.

‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’ - Aristotle

I’ll be honest: I always hated the word ‘coach’, why did I need a coach who knew so little about my life? Well, I maintain that you know your life better than anyone else. I wouldn’t for a second want to assume otherwise. In fact, you know yourself so well, my aim is for you to not need me ever again once we finish up together.

That said, my personal experience of this – and I was seriously stuck – is that in order to unstick ourselves, we have to dive deep into what it is that’s keeping us stuck before we can change the thoughts that keep us there. To do that, it’s incredibly helpful to have someone walking alongside us and helping us to do that diving, asking the right questions, pushing us, knowing that we are so much more than we think we are.

As a life coach, I know every single person deserves to feel fulfilled and purposeful, and I won’t stop supporting my clients until they get there for themselves.

The potential is already within you, my job is to help you see it and act on it

As a life coach, I’m less focused on breaking down your goals and more focused on helping break down the barriers that are stopping you moving forward. We all know what we ‘should’ be doing, it’s finding the actual courage to do it that’s the challenge.

You have the potential to live an incredible life. The thing is, we all also hold a few core beliefs that seriously limit our progress towards becoming what we were all born to be. These core beliefs create our innate ways of being and either propel us forward, or hold us back. As Henry Ford said, ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right’.

The key to achieving everything you’ve ever wanted to achieve is in uncovering these beliefs, challenging them and replacing them with a belief that actually serves you. And, yes, this is possible through the process of neuroplasticity. This means it is possible to change how you behave and feel and I can help you get there.


Our beliefs control everything in our lives. Our entire experience of life is controlled by the way we think. The great thing about this is that in changing the way we think, we can transform pretty much any area of our lives.
Struggling in a relationship?
Can’t decide what to do with your career or finding it difficult to take the next step forward?
Feeling like you’re lacking in purpose?
Feeling lost in life?
Wanting to make a change but can’t build up the courage?
Struggling with stress, anxiety and burnout?
All of these are in your control. The benefit of my approach is that I work with a number of different modalities that can be adjusted depending on your specific issues. All of the ways I work focus on changing the way you think by consciously releasing old thought patterns.
Yes, I am a fully qualified life coach under Jacqueline Hurst and am soon to hold an ICF accredited diploma in transformational coaching. I am also a fully qualified breathwork facilitator, through the Sacred Breath Academy, have 600h of Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle training through the Ayurveda Institute UK and am a Yoga Alliance-accredited 200h vinyasa yoga teacher, as well as holding Reiki Levels 1 & 2. I told you I tried them all…
Therapy is a wonderful way of helping people, especially when struggling with difficulties from the past. My style of coaching differs in that we don’t focus a huge amount of energy on the past, working more to transform how you feel and behave in the present by changing your thought patterns.
I do work to release any emotional build-up that needs to be shifted in order to help facilitate that change in thought pattern, but I don’t delve deeply into past traumas like a therapist would.
I also focus on giving you tools to manage your mindset moving forward, so that you become better able to notice when you’ve fallen off track and can quickly get back to a more helpful mindset, which means you won’t need my help anymore.
This really depends on what you’re working on. My aim is for you to feel a shift of some sort from the very first session and to give you the tools to help you manage your day to day from then. That said, to really transform your mindset, it does take a little bit of training (we have to create new neural pathways), so it’s worth investing in a series of sessions over a couple of months to feel the real benefit.

My view would be if you’re feeling a little bit stuck and want to get better at managing your mind day to day start with empowered beginnings where we will focus specifically on teaching you the tools you need to better manage your mind. If you feel like you want more of a deep dive into areas of your life or into themes which continually appear it may make more sense to invest over a longer period.
If you decide to invest in a series of sessions, I am available for one-on-one support over WhatsApp in between sessions. Depending on your own time constraints, I can also support you with exercises to do in between the sessions to make sure we instill the work as quickly as possible.
Fair question. To my own surprise, breath practices were one of the major catalysts for my own transformation. I know it sounds odd, but breathing is incredibly powerful. As well as the obvious physical benefits of oxygenating the body (soothing the nervous system, promoting better sleep, supporting digestion and improving skin), breathing can also help shift a lot of the tension, stress, emotions and painful life experiences we store in our bodies. See more here.
Stay with me. As is documented broadly in Bessel Van Der Kolk’s book, The Body Keeps the Score, our muscles and fascia actually keep a very good record of everything that has ever happened to us. What has happened to us in the past has a huge impact on how we behave in the present – so much so, in fact, that our bodies can sometimes keep us locked in patterns we don’t want to be in. Breath practices are an incredible way of unlocking this repressed emotional content in a gentle and safe way so that we can start behaving differently. The breath is magic, I promise.
‘One breathwork session is equivalent to about two years of psychotherapy’ – Henry Rohrberg, Ph.D.
No, this is entirely optional and won’t be relevant for everyone. I have trained as an Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle consultant, and for some of us, changes in diet can have a huge impact on how we feel, both physically and mentally.