Don’t let great talent slip away.

I spent 10 years in the corporate world & understand the difficulties organisations face when it comes to managing their teams. Keeping your high performers motivated, fulfilled and confident in what they are doing provides challenges for organisations all over the world. I saw far too many excellent people leave organisations because they hadn’t been given the support they needed to achieve their potential or manage their self sabotaging thoughts.

Whilst still working in the corporate world, I was engaged within a number of women’s groups within financial services & noticed that this is an issue which is rife across organisations specifically when it comes to retaining female talent within organisations..

Transforming individuals and teams

The organisations I work with appreciate the benefits of supporting their most valuable employees in bringing out the best in themselves & that this is key to driving a productive & fulfilled workforce. Investing in the growth of your most sought after talent has the potential to transform relationships within your organisation as well as with clients, improve leadership standards in your management teams as well as reducing attrition.

My corporate coaching plans success can be measured not only in terms of ROI but also in visible shifts in the people engaged in the programmes which then has a knock on positive impact on everyone they interact with.



I work directly with management teams & HR departments to help you better understand how you can support your employees with their mental & physical health, finding purpose in their work & overall wellbeing

Talks & Workshops

I give inspirational talks on my own journey of finding peace within myself as well as specific sessions focused on managing the mind, limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, work-life balance and managing stress through breath & yoga practices

Bespoke Training

I put together bespoke coaching programmes for individuals within your organisation who are looking to work on specific things to improve their performance at work